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Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home remodeling project. With over 25 years of home renovation experience you can trust Craftsman Construction and our team of highly skilled employees to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and service at a competitive price.

Why should you hire a Design-Build Contractor?

We’re often asked about the advantages of design-build over the conventional system of architect and general contractor. It’s a great question and with over a decade of design-build experience under our belts, we feel like it’s a good time to call out our top ten reasons why the design-build system is so good.

1. Everybody is on the same team: We’re all in this together and we all have the same goal –to arrive at a successful project that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations for their project. When challenges are encountered on a project (and there are always challenges), pointing fingers is not an option, everyone rolls up their sleeves and works on solutions.

2. Total accountability: One entity is accountable for everything –including how the end result looks, how much it costs and the timeline of completion. When the same group that designs the project also builds the project, there tends to be much more attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. The cost of everything is taken into account early on in the process; all fees, construction costs, utilities, landscaping allowances –everything.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for us to hear from people that “their remodel cost twice as much as the architect said it would” –such a scenario is entirely unacceptable in the design-build world. Design-build focuses on results, not excuses.

3. Continuity: A design-build firm is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished.

4. Expertise: Design-build firms are experts in both fields. The principals should be licensed architects with formal architectural training and experience in the architecture field. They should also have professional experience in construction and understand pricing, sequencing and how buildings go together. If they’re anything like us, they have professional structural engineering experience to boot.

In the new economy we’re noticing architects trying a bit too hard to look like design-build operations without having any field training. Likewise, we’ve raised our eyebrows at a few general contractors who claim to, all the sudden, be accomplished designers.

There is a tremendous advantage to working with architects that can think like builders and builders who can think like architects, but design-build is a commitment, something you dedicate yourself to for an entire career –not just when it’s convenient.

5. Professional guides: We’ve all heard the stories that design and construction can get out of hand and messy. Design and construction shouldn’t be chaotic or stressful. A design-build firm is a beacon to clients throughout the process, guiding the way to the best possible outcome. Design-build refines a system from beginning to end and manages the chaos into orderly steps.

6. Involvement: Design-build operates under the assumption that the client actually wants to be an active participant in the design and construction of their home. By taking an involvement they’re guaranteeing that they get the outcome and satisfaction of their goals – what they want is going to be achieved. We’ve found that such an involvement is inspiring and gives people a lasting sense of pride about their home.

7. Collaboration: Design-build cuts out the big egos so common in the design industry. In design-build the client retains total control over the project and the team is there to empower them.

8. The best kind of communication is open, honest and often: Design-build is transparent because we want clients to understand the process and to know what’s going on. The best partnerships work, not because people say what everyone wants to hear, but because they say what everyone needs to hear. Through clear communication the budget is defined early on and it becomes the agreement for the entire project.

9. Time is of the essence: Design and construction involves managing hundreds of timelines that need to coordinate in lockstep. Design-build creates opportunities for clients to sit with big decisions, ask questions, and consider their options. Anything the team can do to avoid taking steps backwards is going to lead to better, faster and more cost-effective results. The design-build system is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Big decisions can be revisited during construction without change orders or additional fees. The conventional story is that if you make changes it will cost you money – not necessarily so in design-build.

10. Cost savings: Inherent to the design-build model is a savings of approximately 10% of the project costs.

What your design and plans should look like?
Why should you hire a NARI certified Remodeler?

Dear Future Client,

The cost of renovating your home is one of the biggest investments you can make. In a tight economy, it’s no surprise that you would shop around for the best price for your remodeling projects. Price should not be your only considering factor, however; you should also look for a professional remodeler who has the experience and the knowledge to get the job done right—the first time.

As a Certified Remodeling Professional, I have achieved a level of knowledge and expertise that far exceeds that of your everyday remodeler or handyman.

Only full-time, professional remodeling contractors are eligible for certification by National Association of the Remodeling Industry. I have received in-depth training, acquired extensive knowledge of the industry, sound business practices and a commitment to professional conduct. NARI put me through a rigorous testing and screening process to ensure that my work is the best in the industry.

By hiring me, you can feel confident that I:

• received an extensive review by the NARI Certification Board by providing detailed testimony about my hands-on experience, industry training, continuing education, technical skills, practices in business management, as well as association and community service.

• am committed to intensive study on a broad range of critical industry issues. I participated in a formal study group and spent nearly three months studying for NARI’s one-day written exam.

• passed a comprehensive written examination covering critical subject areas, such as sound business management practices, knowledge of building codes and construction law, plans and specification, proper and safe use of tools and equipment, safety, standards of practice, math and specialized skills.

As a NARI Certified Remodeling Professional, I must meet annual recertification requirements involving continuing education and participation in industry-related programs. It’s just one more way that I can ensure that your job will be done right.


Chris Pete
Craftsman Construction

Craftsman Construction recently renovated my kitchen. They completed the job in record time and did a fabulous job. I love my kitchen and look forward to working with them on all my home improvement projects both big and small. Excellent leadership, dedicated and honest workers!!!

Novella H. (Beaverton, OR)